your a-z guide for choosing a niche for your online store 

here are 5 steps for setting up an e-commerce shop from scratch


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starting a business can be empowering, exhilarating, and oh-so-exhausting. and yet, with a next-level business idea, you can cut your work – and your stress – in half. what to sell, where to sell it and how to sell products online are important considerations. a product that addresses a customer need can sell its own story – if you plan your marketing right. if you're looking to sell online for free, say hello to windo. with a free-forever plan, product customization options and themes that dazzle, it won't be long before you have your shop up and running – and hear that ka-ching. but first, here's all you need to know about starting an online business – from finding a niche and figuring out the best products to sell online, to setting up a buy and sell website

  1. shortlist potential niches 

make a list of business niches that hold value for you on a personal level. maybe you're into yoga or meditation. maybe you're a gym junkie. perhaps you're a coder with a penchant for design. turning a hobby into a hustle is a great way to land your business. combine that with skills or specialities you have, as well as previous work experience, when arriving at potential niches. once you're ready with your list, evaluate the monetary potential of each niche. how much can you earn? is it enough to sustain a living? what is your opportunity cost? 

  1. create a list of business ideas 

when you're done identifying your niches, chalk out a list of business ideas within each niche. here's an example. if you've decided that yoga is your calling, an online yoga school with live and pre-recorded courses could be a great idea – until you consider your competition. think about what makes you different and use it to brand your business.

  1. set up a platform to sell online

gone are the days of Whatsapp-ing product catalogs to customers. creating an online store for your products or services can be a fantastic way to market them. windo lets you create your own storefront, sync your Instagram images, add products from your gallery, accept online payments and ship your orders in 2 clicks.

  1. amp up your SEO efforts 

Google has all the answers, so you might as well ask it all your questions. do a search on the best keywords for your industry and create written content in the form of your 'about us' page and your blog to optimize your website. also, pay keen attention to your competition. what content are they generating? how often are they pushing out posts? what's their social media presence like? you can use a keyword resource like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Answer the Public to help you shortlist your keywords. 

  1. be trend-y on social media 

no, really. it helps to follow trends on social media. hashtags can get you on board the latest trends and keep you front and center in customers' eyes. in the case of Instagram, Reels and Stories are prioritized in the algorithm, so you'll have a chance to push your reach beyond just your followers if you stay consistent.  

with windo, you can bring your store to life in less than two minutes. so all that's really left to do is finding a niche that fits your business.

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