4 ways small retailers can benefit from online marketing

taking your business online doesn't have to be daunting. we tell you how to take your shop digital in less than 2 minutes 


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with the advent of the internet, marketing has become more dynamic. unlike traditional forms of marketing – such as TV ads and print media – online marketing is easily accessible. even small business owners can harness its true potential for buying and selling online. in light of the fact that 51% of shoppers prefer using google before making a buying decision, small retailers can’t take the risk of staying away from digital marketing.

so, how exactly can online marketing – including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing – benefit small retailers? well, for starters, it can help in brand building, sales generation, and revenue growth. with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram having emerged as the best places to sell online, small retailers should focus more on targeting the right audience. if you're a small retailer, here are 4 ways online marketing can help your business grow.

  1. target audience

with the rapid development of search engine and social media algorithms, targeting the right audience has become a lot easier. besides determining what to sell and how to sell products online, you also need to figure out to whom to sell. this is where digital marketing agencies can help you out. through content marketing and SEO, you can reach out to your audience without breaking a sweat. what's amazing is – 43% of e-commerce traffic is generated through organic google searches. if you can fine-tune your brand’s SEO by using the right keywords, targeting can become a whole lot easier.

  1. lower costs, greater earnings 

one of the biggest benefits of online marketing is that you don’t have to end up breaking the bank. even on a shoestring budget, you can promote your brand effectively on social media. to improve the online visibility of your brand, you can make use of Facebook and Instagram (and you don’t need to shell out a dime to open an account on either). 

  1. customer reach 

there are currently 3.4 billion active users on social media. coming up with interesting and engaging content is a great step towards winning you some followers. you can also run ads for deeper penetration. set a budget, choose your target audience, and let your content weave its magic. once you make your brand visible on social media platforms, you can leverage the power of windo to make your products easily accessible to your customers. sell online for free with a chic and characterful storefront.

  1. search engine optimization

studies say that 94% of B2B buyers consider doing a google search before initiating a purchase. building a website for your small business is not enough these days. you also need to get it optimized to improve its ranking. once your website starts showing higher up the ranks, you'll see a significant rise in website traffic. and if you're lucky – a corresponding rise in sales. if you're looking for the best platforms to sell online for free, think of windo. with a free online storefront, you can take your business online in a jiffy.

  1. tailored strategy

angling your social media strategy a certain way depends on what kind of product or service you have to offer. for example, Instagram is more suitable for B2C retailers. for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs, platforms like Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter are more relevant. in the end, it all boils down to consistent efforts and smart strategies. plus, you can always leverage the power of platforms like windo to sell stuff online for cash. rest assured, you will master the art of promoting your business online – all in good time. 

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